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Check the store below to see the items we actually have on hand. You can purchase here, and pick up in the store. We are also happy to ship if you need. Store hours: Mon-Fri: 10am -6pm, Sat: 9am -6pm & Sun 10am -4pm.



Looking for a great deal? Check out our auctions on Gun Broker and you just might get that once in a lifetime deal! Check each week for new listings.


"Virtual Stock" Items

What?? Well if we don't have it on hand, we work with several distrabution points, if one of them has has the item you're looking form in stock we are more than happy to order your specfic item.


Proudly Serving Monroe, Washington

Providing quality firearms for all of your needs

At Armageddon Arms we take the job of being a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), very seriously. The right to bear arms is of course a right, but we believe that this right is best guaranteed through stewardship including personal safety and responsibility. We strive to not just sell guns, but to promote responsible firearms ownership.

Much more than just a gunshop

Serving the outdoor lifestyle

Armageddon Arms can help you get prepared for "whatever" with survival gear, emergency food, personal preparedness supplies and hunting gear. Look for classes in the near future to help hone your survival skills and learn the ropes of preparedness gear and supply acquisition.

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